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The Standard File Transfer Solution
The Standard File Transfer Solution
Looking for dependability and ease of use in a file transfer product?

You've found the choice of tens of thousands of developers who have made FileUp Standard Edition (FileUpSE) the world's most popular HTTP file upload product.

FileUpSE transmits files from a local hard disk to a server-running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or to a separate file server that is networked to the web server. With FileUpSE, file transfer sizes can reach 2 GB within ASP or ASP.NET with minimal server resources. This incredible file transfer strength means you never have to worry about ASP.NET's default file size limit.
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Key Features of FileUp SE  
Key Features:
64 bit component with Microsoft .NET 2.0 (4.0 support) Framework support
Enjoy FileUp's rich functionality under ASP.NET - including progress indication and support for COM+ transactions
Upload up to 2 GB in browser with ASP and ASP.NET (up to 4 GB in module with XFile if upgraded to FileUp PE)
Efficient in-memory buffering of upload/download contents during large file transfers
Support for ADO.NET DataReader and DataTable
MD5 hashing to ensure the integrity of uploaded data
Files can be of any format, such as Word documents, images or plain text. Developers can use FileUpSE to receive and process user input, while staying within the context of
their Active Server application.

FileUpSE also includes file download and file management controls, which allow simple and easy downloads from the Web server to the user's browser, file manipulation and
DLL registration - all in a single, convenient package.
FileUp Features:
Unique file names. Set FileUp to create unique file names for uploads in order to avoid the risk of replacing old files with the same names.
Supports foreign character sets, including file names.
Transactional Uploads offer the following important advantages
- Guaranteed synchronization between upload processing and database transactions.
- Vastly simplified error handling and guaranteed integrity when uploading multiple files.
Server-side Progress Indicator lets your clients monitor the progress of their uploads.
* This much requested feature allows monitoring the progress of an upload from any location: another window, a different user, or even a completely different application.
Full COM+/MTS integration.
Performance Monitor Counters allow you to precisely monitor upload and download performance. Upload size and duration can be precisely monitored.
MacBinary Decoding. For Macintosh clients, MacBinary is supported. Files uploaded from a Macintosh can be saved with MacBinary format or with only extracted data fork.
Recursive Directory Uploads. When used in conjunction with our client-side tool (XFile), entire directory trees can be uploaded in a single operation.
Uploads to memory. Uploads can be stored in memory, rather than disk, for better performance and security.
Three BONUS Controls Included with your Purchase:
Archive divider FileManager divider SMTPMail
Archive is an easy to use tool for creating and extracting ZIP and Microsoft CAB format archives. Learn more FileManager is an easy-to-use file management control that enhances file manipulation. Learn more SMTPmail is a full-featured SMTP e-mail client control. Learn more
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