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SMTPmail Version Differences
SMTPmail Version Differences
Differences in V2.4.0 and V2.4.1
New Installer
Differences in V2.3.4 and V2.4.0
Issues Addressed:
  • When using "UseMSPickUpDir" with Microsoft SMTP Service, some SMTP Services patch won't accept a dot at the end of the pickup file. This is resolved by not sending the ending dot.
Differences Between V2.3 and V2.3.4
Issues Addressed:
  • MassMail will not fail when values for DataMakers are larger than 999 characters.
  • Automatically fix incorrect new line characters
  • When using "UseMSPickUpDir" with Microsoft SMTP Service, some SMTP Services patch won't accept a dot at the end of the pickup file. This is resolved by not sending the ending dot
  • Resource file is updated to show SMTPmail editions
Differences Between V2.2.3 and V2.3
New Feature:
  • New LoggingLevel property allows you to generate cumulative log files. This feature is not available in SMTPmailFree.
Issues Addressed:
  • Memory leak (introduced in v2.2.1) when sending HTML email using the HTMLText property or the GetHtmlTextFromFile method.
Differences Between V2.2.2 and V2.2.3
Issues Addressed:
  • The ContentTransferEncoding property's default value is now "7bit" so that it's compatible with more email clients.
  • Fixed: When verifying mal-formed email address, no error message was returned.
Differences Between V2.21 and V2.2.2
New Features:
  • SMTPMail ReturnPath property allows you to set a return-path header
  • SMTPMail MailFromAddress property. When used with the MailFrom property you can set one value for the MAIL FROM command used in the SMTP "envelope" and another for the FROM header in the message body. MailFromAddress will be used for the envelope and MailFrom will be used for the message header. The values in the envelope are used by SMTP servers to process emails, but are never seen by the email recipient. As in previous versions, if only the MailFrom property is set, this value will be used for both the envelope and the message header.
Issues Addressed:
  • In SMTPmail, the ContentTransferEncoding property's default value is now "quoted-printable" (instead of "7bit").
  • In SMTPmail, when CharSet is set to US-ASCII, line breaks in a message's BodyText are replaced with "=0D=0A".
  • In SMTPmail, when line break has only '\n' or '\r', WordWrap doesn't wrap correctly.
Differences Between V2.11 and V2.2
New Features:
  • New CodePage property takes Unicode values in an email's BodyText and/or HTMLText and converts the values to CharSet bytes.
Issues Addressed:
  • MassMail conversion of all replacable text (such as, Subject and BodyText) to lower case.
  • In previous versions a user could not send an attachment with an email message that included both plain text and HTML-formatted text. This limitation has been removed. Attachments can be added to any message.
Differences Between V2.1 and V2.11
Issues Addressed:
  • In SMTPmail object, enumeration type CHARSET changes to SACHARSET.
Differences Between V2.01 and V2.1
Issues Addressed:
  • Error handling added for empty recordset when using MassMail method.
  • String changed in SMTPmail Free version SoftArtisans ad footer.
  • GetBodyTextFromFile fixed to work as documented to be able to get email body from text file.
  • MassMail replaces field names between %% delimiters in a case-insensitive manner.
Differences Between V2.0 and V2.01
Issues Addressed:
  • Email timestamp month's bug has been fixed.
Differences Between V1.0 and V2.0
New Features:
  • GetHtmlTextFromFile and GetPlainTextFromFile methods added to V2.0 Full.
  • MassMail feature added to V2.0 Full (includes MassMail method, MassMailFailed property and MassMailTotal property).
  • Login authorization (UserName and Password properties) added to V2.0 Full.
  • Microsoft PickUp functionality added to V2.0 Full (UseMSPickUpDir method)
  • Extra ad footer added to V2.0 Free.
  • X-Mailer has been customized with SoftArtisans product string in V1.0 and V2.0 Free.