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FileUpSE Version Differences
FileUpSE Version Differences
Differences Between V5.4 and V6.0
New Features
  • 64-bit version of FileUp that runs in 64-bit IIS application pools and can integrate with other 64-bit components
Differences Between V5.3.2 and V5.4
Issues resolved
  • New installer with improved support for Windows 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012 (IIS 7, 7.5, 8) and all 64-bit operating systems. 
Differences Between V5.3.1 and V5.3.2
Issues resolved
  • FileUp's "IsEmpty" property caused the following error in classic ASP when the form that is submitted to the FileUp script didn't include any <input type="file"> HTML control: ASP 0115 (0x80004005) - A trappable error (C0000005) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running
  • FileManager’s "TextStream" object couldn’t properly read ANSI-encoded text content and rendered it as question mark characters
Differences Between V5.3.0 and V5.3.1

Issues Addressed

  • "SaveAsDialog" and "OpenInPlace" ASP download samples did not work on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 due to a duplicate content-length response header
Differences Between V5.1.2 and V5.3.0

Issues Addressed

  • FileUp was leaking small amount of memory per file during uploads
  • In chunked-encoded uploads, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" and "Percentage" properties were not populated in ASP.NET
  • In uploads over 2-GB in ASP.NET, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" property was getting instantly set to a negative value, and "TransferredBytes" property was returning negative values after the upload passed 2-GB
  • When installed in COM+, FileUp threw the "Exception caught when processing request" error in classic ASP uploads and the "No such interface supported" error in ASP.NET uploads due to a bug in the SAFUpps.dll.
  • FileManager's "FileExists" method did not recognize files with certain unicode characters in their name
  • FileManager's "GetFile" method threw error "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" for files with unicode characters in their name 
Differences Between V5.1.1 and V5.1.2
Issues Addressed
  • Form input values not preserved between pages during certain uploads
Differences Between V5.0.14 and V5.1.1
New Feature
  • Support for Vista and Windows Server 2008
  • Improved documentation and samples
  • New installer

Issues Addressed
  • Big5 Chinese characters in form elements were not preserved
Differences Between V5.0.12 and V5.0.14
Issues Addressed
  • Buffer overrun caused server hang
  • TransferBlob method appended null characters to end of files
  • HttpModule did not throw an exception or fail when it was not able to cache the upload
  • Downloads from a database were intermittently having an extra byte appended to the end of the file
  • FileUpProgress could not be instantiated if it had been installed in COM+


Differences Between V5.0.11 and V5.0.12
Issue Addressed
  • Uploads from Macintosh clients were not being decoded properly
Differences Between V5.0.9 and V5.0.11
Issue Addressed
  • Invalid pointer error occurs when accessing the FileUpProgress.Items collection
Differences Between V5.0.3 and V5.0.9
Issues Addressed
  • FileUpModule was not properly intercepting file uploads resulting in inaccurate progress indication.
  • When using the FileUp ProgressIndicator from J#, the Microsoft J# compiler would complain that the properties "NextProgressId" and "ProgressId" could not be found.
Differences Between V5.0.2 and V5.0.3
Issues Addressed
  • When FileUp was installed into COM+ application, ASP sample failed with error message "Exception caught when processing request".
  • When uploading a small file with FileUpModule.dll after IIS restarts, IsEmpty failed with message "no file was submitted".
Differences Between V5.0 and V5.0.2
New Feature
  • New Property for File Object: ClientChecksum: read-only. This is the MD5 checksum sent through X-MD5 mime header for each file. SoftArtisans JFile supports sending X-MD5 header
Issues Addressed
  • When using FileUpSE ISAPI filter to process an SSL upload, the process failed. This was a FileUpSE ISAPI filter issue and is resolved.
  • Issues Resolved with SMTPMail 2.3.4: Resource file is updated to show SMTPMail editions. When using "UseMSPickUpDir" with Microsoft SMTP Service, some SMTP Services patch won't accept a dot at the end of the pickup file. This is resolved by not sending the ending dot.
Differences Between V4.0.9 and V5.0
New Feature
  • Windows 2003/IIS 6 support: FileUp's new HTTP Module is used in IIS 6 to overcome ASP.NET's inefficient memory utilization and to allow accurate progress indication.
Differences Between V4.0.8 and V4.0.9
Issues Addressed
  • Progress Indicator was improved with ISAPI filter, which was introduced in V4.0.8 release.
Differences Between V4.0.7 and V4.0.8
Issues Addressed
  • Uploaded files randomly lost 32868 bytes.
  • Under .NET 1.1, a recompile of the client source code caused the error "Could not load 'FileUp'" until IIS was restarted.
Differences Between V4.0.6 and V4.0.7
Issues Addressed
  • Some HTML form elements were not included in the FileUp.Form collection.
  • In SoftArtisans FileManager, on Windows 2000, FileManager did not include the permission component Synchronize when applying the permission groups Excecute, Modify, List, and Write to files and folders.
Differences Between V4.0.5 and V4.0.6
Issues Addressed:
  • SoftArtisans FileUp
    • When using FileUp's ISAPI filter to process an upload request, temporary files were not removed if the user canceled the upload from the browser.
  • SoftArtisans FileManager
    • In SoftArtisans FileManager, the AllowAccess and DenyAccess methods failed on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Differences Between V4.0.4 and V4.0.5
Issues Addressed:
  • SoftArtisans FileUp
    • SAFileUp.dll version number displayed in the .NET manifest is different from the actual version number.
    • In Progress object, "AppDomain unload" error events are now caught and the error message box will not appear when ASP.NET code is recompiled.
  • SoftArtisans FileManager
    • MD5 hashing failed on Windows 95, 98, and ME platforms.
    • The PermItem.RemoveEntry method failed when called to remove an item from the Permissions collection of a File or Folder object.
  • SoftArtisans SMTPMail
    • Setting the ReturnPath property threw an exception.
Differences Between V4.0.3 and V4.0.4
Issues Addressed:
  • SoftArtisans FileManager
    • Unable to access Drive property from File or Folder object with a UNC path.
    • Unable to set Owner for a folder.
  • SoftArtisans SMTPMail
    • MassMail will fail when values for DataMakers are larger than 999 characters.
Differences Between V4.0.2 and V4.0.3
Issues Addressed:
  • If the first HTML input element in an upload request was empty, FileUp's ISAPI filter did not create a temp file and FileUp did not handle the empty MIME part correctly.
  • Uploads from IE 5.5 and above would ocassionally lose html form elements when the ISAPI filter intercepts the request.
  • Under ASP.NET, if IIS is not restarted after a source code change, a message box would appear warning the the ASP.NET worker process is being restarted.
Differences Between V4.0.1 and V4.0.2
Issues Addressed:
  • Some uploads from Macintosh browser failed with ISAPI filter.
Differences Between V4.0 and V4.0.1
Issues Addressed:
  • For 'MaxBytes' and 'MaxBytesToCancel' support in the ISAPI filter with FileUp, two registry keys have been add, 'MaxBytes' and 'MaxBytesToCancel'.
  • Temp files that were not being deleted after non-resumable uploads failed due to 'MaxKBytesToCancel' has been fixed.
  • The ISAPI filter has been fixed so that an empty temp file is created when the MIME part is empty
  • FileUp has ben fixed so that empty MIME parts are handle correctly
  • SaFile.IsEmpty would incorrectly return false for an empty file under .NET. This has been fixed.
Differences Between V3.4.7 and V4.0
New Features
  • ASP.NET Support - bypass ASP.NET's upload/download limitations with FileUp's ISAPI filter
  • Upload up to 4 GB with ASP and ASP.NET.
  • FileManager: MD5 hashing
  • Support for ADO.NET data types
  • In .NET progress indication is now handled by the FileUp ISAPI filter
  • Documentation updates:
    • Many samples updated
    • New "Using FileUp in .NET" section with integration instructions and samples
Differences Between V3.4.6 and V3.4.7
Issues Addressed:
  • In SMTPMail, the ContentTransferEncoding property's default value is now "7bit" so that it's compatible with more email clients.
  • In SMTPMail, when verifying mal-formed email address, no error message is returned.
Differences Between V3.4.5 and V3.4.6
Issues Addressed:
  • In SMTPMail, the ContentTransferEncoding property's default value is now "quoted-printable" (instead of "7bit").
  • In SMTPMail, when CharSet is set to US-ASCII, line breaks in a message's BodyText are replaced with "=0D=0A".
  • In SMTPMail, when line break has only '\n' or '\r', WordWrap doesn't wrap correctly.
Differences Between V3.4.4 and V3.4.5
Issues Addressed:
  • "Class does not support automation" error when using SaveAsBlob with a stored procedure.
  • When using JavasScript or VBScript to submit an upload from an HTML form with a single form element, the form value may be lost or corrupted.
  • Unicode form values larger than 64 KB may not display correctly.
Differences Between V3.4.3 and V3.4.4
Issues Addressed:
  • New SMTPMail ReturnPath property allows you to set a return-path header.
  • New SMTPMail MailFromAddress property. Use with the MailFrom property to set one value for the MAIL FROM field and another for subsequent headers.
  • New C++ wrapper sample.
  • FileManager Issues resolved:
    • When using the RSA encryption type with the methods Encrypt and Decrypt in ASP, the ASP security context changed.
    • When calling ProcessUser under ASP, the ASP thread security context changed.
  • Documentation updates:
    • Documentation reformatted to enable easier navigation.
    • FileManager object methods updated: DecryptFile, EncryptFile.
    • FileManager File object methods updated: AllowAccess, DenyAccess, Decrypt, Encrypt.
    • FileManager File object property: Accessible.
    • FileManager Folder object methods updated: AllowAccess, DenyAccess.
    • FileManager Folder object property: Accessible.
    • FileManager PermItem object properties updated: AccessRights, ReadExecute2.
Differences Between V3.4 and V3.41
Issues Addressed:
  • In FileUp Object, when caching temporary files, intelligent path searching is implemented. Check principal object's Path property.
  • FileManager changes:
    • New RSA encryption types added: SARSAHIGH (3) and SARSALOW (4).
    • Fixed: Two Fish encryption/decryption failure on files larger than 1K.
    • Fixed: Failure of RevertToSelf method in Visual Basic.
    • Fixed: Trustee names on a remote NT member-server could not be displayed.
    • Fixed: Access Control List (ACL) corruption after FileManager applied changes to ACLs with Windows NT system.
  • In SMTPmail object, enumeration type CHARSET changes to SACHARSET.
Differences Between V3.32 and V3.4
New Features
  • Characters invalid for Windows file system will automatically be replaced with underscore ("_"). Useful for uploads from Mac or Unix/Linux systems.
  • New functionality for Path property of the main FileUp object and SAFile object (individual file). User can set Path property multiple times. The Save method will use the path last assigned to the property.
  • Example: 
    set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")
    '--- Set the path for the temporary cache of the upload < code > 
    upl.Path = "c:\temp"
    if not upl.IsEmpty then
    upl.Path = upl.form("usersDirectory")
    upl.Path = "C:\differentDirectory"
    end if
Issues Addressed:
  • Random commas inserted in form value larger than 64K.
Differences Between V3.31 and V3.32
New Features:
  • Property added to both the main FileUp object and the SAFile object (individual file):
    • ShortFileName property - returns the user's original filename without any associated path information.
  • FileUp object property MaxBytesToCancel allows you to abort very large uploads before they reach the server, reducing the threat of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack on the server.
Issues Addressed:
  • Indices can now be used to iterate through the elements of the FormEx collection.
Differences Between V3.3 and V3.31
Issues Addressed:
  • The issues that occured when uploading an extraordinarily large amount of form elements or a form element with a very long name have been resolved.
  • SoftArtisans Archive issue with archiving files containing folder(s) has been resolved in SoftArtisans Archive SoftArtisans Archive is Bundled with SoftArtisans FileUp.
Differences Between V3.2.0.8 and V3.3
New Features:
  • Improved performance for SSL file transfer. Tested with 1.5G size. Maximum buffer size is 204,800.
  • PerserveMacBinary was added for flexibility when uploading files from Mac. If files are in Macbinary format, user can choose to save data fork only or the whole uploading stream.
  • SoftArtisans Archive has a new means of zip file creation that will preserve the zip files' path. You can access this feature by setting ArchiveType to "3". SoftArtisans Archive documentation will be updated at a later date.
Issues Addressed:
  • Developed a workaround for an issue with particular IE5.0: when used with authentication, this version of IE5.0 corrupts the header. FileUp works around this issue and saves the files correctly.
  • Issues affecting FileManager enumerating root directories or files with Win95/98/Me platform have been resolved.
  • Files created with Archive no longer have issues hanging with certain directories.
  • Entries property and Exists method are not supported. You cannot modify the zip; you should only create the zip or expand the whole zip.
  • There is no change in the previous zip function (ArchiveType=1), so preserving directories is still not supported.
  • Issues affecting SaveAsBlob method and Windows2000 Service Pack 2 have been resolved when FileUp is deployed into MTS/COM+ as a library package.
Differences Between V3.2.0.7 and V3.2.0.8
New Features:
  • BufferSize is adjustable to 190K. This will help large SSL data transfer. The default is still 63K.
Issues Addressed:
  • Macintosh UserFilename property is fixed to show correctly.
Differences Between V3.2.0.6 and V3.2.0.7
Issues Addressed:
  • The Flush method is fixed. Previously, it will cause memory leak or page not found error.
Differences Between V3.2.0.5 and V3.2.0.6
Issues Addressed:
  • The issue when disabling UseIE5Fix, "Can not get valid user agent" between V3.1.0