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FileUp Quick Install
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FileUp Quick Install Instructions

Follow the 5 easy install steps below if you are having trouble or are unsure of how to install FileUp.
Step 1: Download the installer
Not sure what products you have? Don't remember your password? Head to the Product Updates page to download your file transfer products.
Step 2: Install the product
Unpack and register the FileUp components on your machine. Optional FileUp samples are available for install through the FileUp installer.
Pick your operating system:
> Windows Server 2012 > Windows Server 2008 (R2) > Windows Server 2003
Step 3: Configure your machine
FileUp is a 32-bit component and additional configuration is required if you are using FileUp on a 64-bit machine:
How to run FileUp on a 64-bit Windows Operating System.
Step 4: Make FileUp available to your application
Classic ASP:
No additional configuration is required to add FileUp to your classic ASP applications.
If you plan to  use FileUp in ASP.NET, there are several steps to make FileUp available to your application:
FileUp SE/PE
FileUp EE
Step 5: Get Started!
FileUp SE
Quick Start
Quick Start
Signing the XFile CAB
Distributing XFile with your application
Installing XFile on the client machine (for developers)
How to install/remove XFile on the client machine (for end-users)
FileUp EE
  XFile EE:
Unpacking XFile EE
Distributing XFile EE with your application
Installing XFile on the client machine (for developers)