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FileManager Version Differences


FileManager Version Differences
Differences Between V2.5.9 AND V2.5.11
Issue Addressed:
  • On Windows 2000, FileManager did not include the permission component Synchronize when applying the permission groups Execute, Modify, List and Write to files and folders
Differences Between V2.5.7 AND V2.5.9
Issue Addressed:
  • The AllowAccess and DenyAccess methods failed on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Differences Between V2.5.5 AND V2.5.7
Issues Addressed:
  • MD5 hashing failed on Windows 95, 98, and ME platforms
  • The PermItem.RemoveEntry method failed when called to remove an item from the Permissions collection of a File or Folder object
Differences Between V2.5.3 AND V2.5.5
Issues Addressed:
  • Unable to access Drive property from File or Folder object with a UNC path
  • Unable to set Owner for a folder
Differences Between V2.5.2 AND V2.5.3
Issue Addressed:
  • On Windows 95 or 98 or Me, RSA Encryption or Decryption of File throws error "Could not open thread token..."
Differences Between V2.5.1 AND V2.5.2
Properties added:
  • AccountServer property is added to both File and Folder objects to resolve user account when changing ACLs. It's Read/Write.
  • Checksum property is added to File object to return the checksum value based on MD5 hashing algorithm. It's Read-Only.
Differences Between V2.5 AND V2.5.1
Issues Addressed:
  • When using the RSA encryption type with the methods Encrypt and Decrypt in ASP, the ASP security context changed.
  • When calling ProcessUser under ASP, the ASP thread security context changed.
Differences Between V2.3.9 AND V2.5
Issues Addressed:
  • TextStream memory leak when using the TextStream object to read lines longer than 128 characters.
  • DenyAccess method did not work correctly with the File object.
  • SearchWildCard property did not work with the Folder object.
Differences Between V2.3.8 and V2.3.9
New Features:
  • Documentation updates: File object properties ImageColor, ImageHeight, ImageWidth.
Differences Between V2.3.7 and V2.3.8
New Features:
  • New RSA encryption types added: SARSAHIGH (3) and SARSALOW (4).
Issues Addressed:
  • Two Fish encryption/decryption failure on files larger than 1K.
  • Failure of RevertToSelf method in Visual Basic.
  • Trustee names on a remote NT member-server could not be displayed.
  • Access Control List (ACL) corruption after FileManager applied changes to ACLs on Windows NT system.
Differences Between V2 and V2.3.7
New Features:
  • FileManager 2.37 supports both RSA and TwoFish encryption.
  • File object properties: ImageWidth, ImageHeight, ImageColor.
  • New Windows 2000 permissions properties in PermItem object.
  • New Accessible property allows you to check whether a file or folder is accessible.
Differences Between V1.2 and V2
New Features:
  • To ease portability for those familiar with this object, we have implemented virtually all of the same methods and properties of the Microsoft Scripting.FileSystemObject, while adding many additional features:
    • Modifying Access Control Lists (ACL).
    • Import and Export to Database Blob (independent of upload or download).
    • Showing and modifying file ownership.
    • Logon User / Revert To Self.
    • Registering a DLL.
    • All at significantly enhanced performance, especially for directory traversal.
Differences Between V1.1 and V1.2
New Features:
  • Binary file access is significantly faster. According to our benchmarks, SA-FileManager can read binary files up to 100 times faster than Visual Basic's native binary file input.
  • Easy iterations over Access Control Entries.
  • A new sample showing early binding with Visual Basic is included.
Differences Between V1.0 and V1.1
New Features:
  • Enhanced compatibility with the Microsoft Scripting.FileSystemObject.
  • Binary file manipulation. You can now read the content of any uploaded file, even if it is an image.
Issues Addressed:
  • .Delete with Force option has been corrected to respect read-only files.